The All Navy Women’s National Alliance is devoted to the more than 400,000 active duty, reserve, retired, and veteran women of the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines, as well as the women who served with U.S. Forces in other branches of the Department of Defense. Additionally, the organization represents women serving in NATO Forces around the world, as well as women serving in a civilian capacity in support of the Department of Defense.

The All Navy Women’s National Alliance Seeks To:

  • Enhance public, media, and military understanding and appreciation of the role of women of the sea services through educational programs and forums
  • Promote pride and esprit d’ corps among sea service women by affording opportunities to reminisce and reacquaint themselves with the contributions and shared experiences of Navy women around the world
  • Assist recruiters in their efforts to recruit women, and
  • Provide a liaison to the civilian community

Above all, we are dedicated to “Sharing the Legacy” that connects all sea service women.