The following list is by no means inclusive. All books are, to our knowledge, currently in print. If you can’t obtain them through your local bookstore, there are several on-line services (Amazon, Barnes and Noble) that offer secure credit card sales.

Amelia Earhart’s Daughters: The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age
Leslie Haynsworth, David Toomey
Hardcover – 352 pages 1 edition (August 1998)
William Morrow & Company; ISBN: 0688152333

American Women in World War I: They Also Served
Lettie Gavin
Hardcover – 304 pages (April 1997)
Univ Pr of Colorado; ISBN: 087081432X ;

Call Sign Revlon: The Life and Death of Navy Fighter Pilot Kara Hultgreen
Sally Spears
Hardcover – 320 pages (September 1998)
United States Naval Inst. ; ISBN 1557508097

The Captain’s a Woman: Tales of a Merchant Mariner
Deborah Doane Dempsey, Joanne Reckler Foster
Hardcover – 208 pages (February 1998)
United States Naval Inst

Clipped Wings: The Rise and Fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (Wasps) of World War II
Molly Merryman
Hardcover – 272 pages (January 1998)
New York Univ Pr; ISBN: 0814755674

Crossed Currents: Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook
Jean Ebbert, et al
Hardcover – 321 pages (June 1993)
Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 0028810228

Dear Joan: ‘The Epic Story of One of the Original Women Commissioned in the United States Navy’
Marion R. Bench
Hardcover (January 1993)
Father & Son Pub; ISBN: 0942407237

First Class: Women Join the Ranks at the Naval Academy
Sharon Hanley Disher
Hardcover – 264 pages (May 1998)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557501653

G.I. Nightingales: The Army Nurse Corps in World War II
Barbara Brooks Tomblin
Hardcover (Published 1996)
Univ Pr of Kentucky; ISBN: 0813119510

History of the Women Marines, 1946-1977
Publishing Company DIANE (Editor)
Paperback-260 pages (July 1994)
DIANE Publishing Company; ISBN 0788110934

In and Out of Harm’s Way: A History of the Navy Nurse Corps
Doris M. Sterner
Peanut Butter Pub; ISBN: 0897167066

In Defense of a Nation: Servicewomen in World War II
Jeanne M. Holm (Editor)
Hardcover (1998)
Vandamere Pr; ISBN: 091833943X

Lady GI: A Woman’s War in the South Pacific : A Memoir
Irene Brion
Hardcover – 192 pages (November 1997)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416331

More Than a Uniform : A Navy Woman in a Navy Man’s World
Paperback – 224 pages (May 1997)
Univ of North Texas Pr; ISBN: 1574410229

Mother Was a Gunner’s Mate: World War II in the Waves
Josette Dermody Wingo
Hardcover – 234 pages (October 1994)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN 1557509247

Navy Wave: Memories of World War II
Helen Clifford Gunter
Paperback -147 pages(September 1992)
Cypress House; ISBN: 1879384167

Once a WAVE: My Life in the Navy 1942-1946
Laura Rapaport Borsten, Orin Borsten
Paperback – 167 pages (July 1998)
Amber Publishing Co.; ISBN 1582179999 AVAILABLE FROM WIMSA GIFT SHOP

A Piece of My Heart: Stories of 26 American Women Who Served in Vietnam
Keith Walker, Ed.
Paperback- 429 pages (1985)

Station Hospital Saigon: A Navy Nurse in Vietnam, 1963-1964
Bobbi Hovis, Shea Buckley
Hardcover – 167 pages (May 1992)
United States Naval Institute Press

They Also Served: American Women in World War II
Olga Gruhzit-Hoyt
Hardcover -240 pages (March 1995)
Carol Publishing Group; ISBN 1559722800

What a Way to Spend A War: Navy Nurse POWs in the Phillipines
Dorothy Still Danner
Hardcover- 215 pages (1995)
United States Naval Institute Press

A Woman at War: Storming Kuwait With the US Marines
Molly Moore (Reporter)Elizabeth Norman, Ed.
Hardcover- 326 pages (1993)
Charles Scribner & Sons

Women at War: The Story of 50 Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam
Elizabeth Norman, Ed.
Hardcover- 211 pages (1990)
University of Pennsylvania Press

Women Go To War: Answering the First Call in World War II
Dolores R. Spratley
Paperback-140 pages (January 1992)
Hazelnut Publishers; ISBN 096328472X

Women Marines in the Korean War Era
Peter A. Soderbergh
Hardcover- 216 pages (September 1994)
Praeger Pub Text; ISBN: 0275948277

Women Marines: The World War II Era
Peter A. Soderbergh
Hardcover- 189 pages (August 1992)
Greenwood Publishing Group; ISBN 0275941310